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Goats on a Bridge - OST steam key

Goats on a Bridge - OST steam key
Goats on a Bridge - OST free steam game

Goats on a Bridge - OST steam key

Goats on a Bridge adapts the classic Norwegian fairy tale, Three Billy Goats Gruff, as an inventive new platformer that has players controlling not one, but two goats at the same time. That’s twice the capra-control of Goat Simulator! Sadly, this has the makings of a tragic tale. But no tale is complete without good music!

Composer Phyrnna started turning dreams into reality on Newgrounds and has gained a steady following from previous games such as Epic Battle Fantasy. Her music is not bound by genre, and each song carries its own unique flavor, carrying inspiration from many various sources and even more originality from herself.

Joining her is new comer, TurtleBoxMusic, and his tunes are fresh and upbeat. His main influence was SoundTEMP who did the original Ragnarok Online soundtrack. By his own admission, he just mashes sounds together to see what happens, then throws away what he doesn't like. But we think he's definitely on the right track and hope to work more with him!

We hope this soundtrack inspires and brightens your day wherever you go(at)!

Once downloaded the files can be found in
...SteamsteamappscommonGoats on a BridgeOriginal Soundtrack

Track List

01 - Tempo's Theme
02 - Chubbs' Theme
03 - Quick Step
04 - Picnicky Wicky
05 - Troll's Tower
06 - Squidgy Feet
07 - Braying in the Barn
08 - Do a Donut Roll! Goats on a Bridge - OST steam key

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Goats on a Bridge - OST free steam key
Goats on a Bridge - OST steam key
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Categories: STEAM / DLC

Publisher: Cabygon

Release Date: Feb 6, 2015

Windows Requirements
  • Storage: 49 MB available space